Our Fire Stations

Station 41

Address: 202 E. State Street, Hurricane

Station 41 was built in the early 1990's and is located on the site of the original fire station built in in the 1940's. It houses administrative offices and four drive through bays which house up to eight apparatuses. In the early 2000's it was remodeled and a living area was added to accommodate four full-time staff. A taller pull through was also added to house the new ladder engine.

Station 42

Address: 445 N 3400 W, Hurricane

Station 42 was built in 2004 to serve as a volunteer station for the west side of Hurricane. It consists of three drive-through bays which house up to six apparatus. It is equipped with full living quarters and now serves as a full-time staffed station.

Station 43

Address: 311 N. Main, LaVerkin

Station 43 was built in 1985 by the volunteer firemen to serve LaVerkin, Toquerville, and Virgin. It consisted of two offices, a training room, and three drive-through bays that hold up to six apparatus. This station is being remodeled to add living quarters for future full-time staffing and to lengthen the bays to accommodate larger apparatus. The remodel is expected to be completed in the Summer of 2019.

Station 44

Address: Pocket Road, Virgin

Station 44 is a three-bay station that once served as a water building for the Town of Virgin. Around 2012, it was closed in and remodeled to accommodate up to four apparatus. It serves the Town of Virgin, Kolob Mountain, and the surrounding area. It is staffed by volunteers.

Station 46/64

Address: 52 North Coral Canyon Blvd., Hurricane

Station 46/64 is a shared volunteer station with Washington City. It was built in 2018 and has three pull-through bays that accommodate up to six apparatus. It also contains living quarters for staff, officer offices, and a large training room. It has an office that is utilized by law enforcement officers from Hurricane and Washington. This station serves the east side of Washington, the west side of Hurricane, and the I-15 corridor. This station is scheduled to house full-time personnel early summer 2019.

Station 47

Address: 730 North Main, Leeds

Station 47 has three bays and can house up to six apparatus. It also has a training room, offices, kitchen, bathrooms, and changing rooms. This is a volunteer station that covers the Leeds area and I-15 corridor.

Station 91

Address: 1130 Zion Park Blvd., Springdale

Station 91 serves the Springdale and Rockville communities and surrounding area. The station also responds as mutual aid to Zion National Park. It has two pull-through bays that accommodate up to four apparatus. It has full living quarters and an office. Station 91 is staffed full-time.